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Find a meeting, find a new way to live.

Our groups meet in Warren and Niles, as well as Hubbard, Howland, Champion, Girard, Cortland, Newton Falls, and Kinsman. Most of the meetings in our area are open to anyone, but some are only open to addicts or those who think they have a problem, with meeting formats varying from open sharing and literature discussions to speaker meetings.

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Get Connected: Online Connections

The internet offers us many ways to connect to and participate in the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous plus gives us tools that can enhance our recovery.

  • Download the NA Meeting Search App for your phone: iPhone App | Android App

  • Electronic Subscriptions from NA World Services

    • Just For Today Daily Emails - Receive a daily email with each day's Just for Today meditation

    • The NA Way Magazine - Quarterly journal for recovery, unity, service, entertainment, and information about NA World Services.

    • Reaching Out - Quarterly newsletter of hope and inspiration for incarcerated NA members. The section, "From the Inside," features letters from incarcerated members & provides a vital link to the NA Fellowship. "From the Outside" demonstrates that members who find NA inside can become responsible, productive members of society; showing criminal justice professionals that NA is a credible program of recovery.

    • WCNA Updates - Sign up to receive information about the 38th World Convention of NA, to be held in 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. You will receive updates as they are available.

    • NAWS News - This is a quarterly update about NAWS and World Board activities.

  • NAWS Web meetings and webinars are a great way to gather information and share experiences on service related topics. Current web meeting projects include

    • Public Relations,

    • Hospitals & Institutions,

    • Inmate Step Writing,

    • Phonelines,

    • Conventions & Events toolbox,

    • Local Service toolbox, and

    • Rural Service.

Area Service

NA groups carry the message of recovery to the addict who still suffers by supporting meetings where addicts can share their recovery with one another. To stay focused on this primary purpose, groups create boards or committees to provide services to the groups and the community.

The Trumbull Area Service Committee of NA (TASCNA) serves our local groups in vital ways:

  • Publishes area meeting schedules

  • Provides a forum for group trusted servants

  • Hosts social activities to foster unity in our area

  • Supports a regional phoneline

  • Leads panel presentations at treatment centers and correctional facilities

  • Shares information about NA with community organizations and professionals


Monthly ASC Meeting: TASCNA meets on the first Sunday of every month at 10am, at the Niles Scope Center located at 14 E State St in Niles, Ohio.

The Area Service Committee is composed of group service representatives (GSRs), administrative officers (chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer), subcommittee chairpersons, and the area’s regional committee members (RCMs), but is open to any member of NA interested in being of service.

Get Involved: Be of Service

Being of service in NA comes in many forms and can be undertaken by anyone. Many have found that service is an integral part of personal recovery in NA and an important way to demonstrate their gratitude for all that recovery through NA has given them.

Our Area Service Committee offers many opportunities to be of service, starting with Group Service Representatives (GSRs), which form the foundation of our service structure. A GSR is an NA member that is elected by a home group to represent that group at the ASC meeting. GSRs actively participate in discussions and carry their group's conscience on decisions made by the ASC. They also take active roles in joining ASC subcommittees.

GSR Basics - Describes what a Group Service Representative does, who can be one, and why you might want to.
Bonus: Includes a handy list of acronyms used in NA.

The Area Service Committee and subcommittees are accountable to the groups of our area. We welcome all members of NA at our monthly ASC meeting, and members are encouraged to get involved as trusted servants of ASC or by serving on TASCNA subcommittees.

  • TASCNA meets on the first Sunday of every month at 10am, at the Niles Scope Center located at 14 E State St in Niles, Ohio.

  • Hospitals & Institutions (H&I): Carries NA meetings into institutions such as treatment centers, jails, prisons and hospitals.

  • Public Relations (PR): Informs the public and professionals that NA exists in the community and is a viable resource of recovery from the disease of addiction. PR represents NA at community events and maintains this website.

  • Activities: Plans and hosts social gatherings, workshops and recovery events to foster unity within the area.

  • Literature: Maintains an inventory to supply local groups with NA literature, key tags, and medallions.


We encourage you to choose a home group and become involved immediately. Many of us have found that our home group is the beginning of our path of service to NA. Being involved in NA service helps us to really feel like a part of something greater than ourselves.

Unity is the main principle of our First Tradition, and we welcome you to experience that unity through service to Narcotics Anonymous.

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